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How to subscribe to A Taste of Home magazine

A Taste of Home Magazine is America's preferred cookery and lifestyle magazine, specialising in sharing home-cooked recipes handed down from generation to generation. This piece explains the numerous subscription options.

The magazine - online

The magazine itself is part of the A Taste of Home brand, which publishes four magazines, 40 recipe collections, and several cookbooks. Recipes, features, competitions, videos and forums and much more can be found on the website, The magazine prides itself on offering actual recipes from real, experienced cooks who have all the hints and tips you need to recreate their masterpieces at home!

How to subscribe

If you order online at, for $12.98 (price as at 19.04.2011), you can receive eight issues for the price of seven. A full refund of your membership is also offered if you are in any way dissatisfied with your magazines. By telephone
From 7 a.m. - 10 p.m., Monday - Friday, and 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. on Saturdays, you can order a subscription by telephone on 1-800/344-6913. Digital edition
Available in the USA only, you can sign up to receive eight digital editions online. This is great for anybody with a PC, Mac, iPad, or Android device. Recipe eBooks
For people who don't want to sign up to the full magazine, there are a number of other online options available. Recipe eBooks are now available for download for iPhone, iPad, Kindle and Nook. Advantages of eBooks
These a particularly great for inspiration, as they are quick and easy to browse and allow you to take your recipes with you to the supermarket - no more forgetting ingredients! There are four eBooks available:
Comfort Food Diet,
Most Requested,
Ultimate Casserole,
Everyday Slow Cooker and
One Dish. Each can be purchased online for $9.99 on the same A Taste Of Home website, or alternatively, you can buy the same Taste of Home cookbooks in print format. Blog
The magazine's blog is to be found at:
The blog contains a wealth of information and features, including recipes and ideas for dinner parties and gatherings. Recipe of the Day
You can also subscribe to the Recipe of the Day newsletter for free, if you fancy receiving a nugget of cookery inspiration every day. The magazine also has its own Facebook and Twitter pages.

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