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All about Will Young's 'All Time Love'

Will Young's 'All Time Love' is one of the British singer's most popular songs, reaching number three in the UK singles chart when it was released. It was Young's ninth single of his career and was written by James Hartman. It followed the single 'Switch It On' and remains one of Young's most appreciated tunes.


Will Young's 'All Time Love' was the second single from his 2005 album 'Keep On'. Young, a pop singer who gained his career break from TV series 'Pop Idol', would see the album go on to become his second-biggest selling long-player - although it did not reach number one in the UK albums chart. The song remains a favourite amongst his fans, with 'Heat' magazine readers voting it as the 'Song of the Year' in a poll in 2006. The song was also used as the soundtrack to the denouement of the popular BBC comedy series 'Two Pints of Lager'.

Music and lyrics

Sung at a halting pace, with a piano backing Young's unpretentious, unfussy delivery of the words, the song manages to avoid sounding too mawkish and saccharine. Young's singing helps to keep the song's edge of sentimentality sound emotional rather than forced - which could have happened with the 'all for love' theme of the lyrics. These lyrics make a plea for some "all time love" to deliver the protagonist from his state of loneliness. His high standards and his insistence on perfection for his future partner, are perceived as his strengths, rather than faults. The song therefore manages to sound a note of optimism. Its sentiment is one of hope mixed with some defiance, rather than regret.


The video to the song shows Young on trial in what appears to be a Latin American fascist dictatorship. This is seemingly owing to his production of some form of subversive literature with his comrades - one of whom he falls in love with. This woman is seen testifying at his trial from behind a thick veil. The singer appears to be betrayed by some of his erstwhile comrades, but still stands to make a defiant last speech to the decidedly old and and wrinkled-looking people of the court. Black and white memories of his last stand against authority illustrate the end of the song. Another video was also made for the song, depicting Young as a parachutist, which was included in a CD single package.

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