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All about beauty trolleys

Beauty trolleys are typically vanity cases with wheels that are carefully designed to carry different kinds of make-up accessories. These cosmetic boxes come in a wide range of colours to suit personal and professional needs of consumers. This article will provide information on beauty trolleys.

Choosing beauty trolleys

Salon trolleys are manufactured, keeping in mind the needs of make-up technicians and artists, who may often have to travel to their client's site for their styling needs. Though, these beauty or salon trolleys are tuned to the needs of professionals, they can also be used by frequent travellers who are on the look-out for a compact storage kit for all their make-up items, brushes and hot irons. While selecting beauty trolleys, choose models with a detachable top that are simply secured by a few clips. Segregate the most frequently used items in this detachable compartment. This would result in a mini vanity case that you can carry around for basic cosmetic needs. Choose trolley cases with large removable shoulder straps so that you can use them during long travel schedules. Select salon trolleys with wheels to enjoy stress-free travel even if the beauty bag becomes heavy. Many of these professional make-up cases come with separate provision for storing hot irons and other items that need to be protected from scratches and damage due to constant rupture with other make-up accessories.


Beauty trolleys are easy to carry and transport as they are compact and portable. These salon trolleys accommodate all kinds of styling equipment used for grooming and help professionals to organise their merchandise in specific compartments. Professional cosmetic cases are generally sturdy and provide enough storage space in the form of compartments, zipped pockets and compact drawers to store almost any kind of cosmetic item.

Ordering a beauty trolley

Though beauty trolleys can be ordered over the Internet, it is ideal to purchase it from a store, so that you can explore the individual features and assess whether it has enough storage space to suit your needs. However, keep in mind that some of the models that are available on the Internet may have many more attractive features as compared to those that you can purchase in a brick and mortar store.

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