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An introduction to Aqualung's Strange and Beautiful

Strange and Beautiful is Aqualung's debut single. Singer and song writer Matthew Hales, is the sole purveyor of Aqualung and he has enjoyed both national and, international success due to this songs' emotive lyrical content and subtle piano melody.

Strange and Beautiful ("I'll Put A Spell On You")

Track history
Aqualung's single Strange and Beautiful ("I'll Put A Spell On You") the songs full title, was released in September 2002 via B-Unique record label.
The song is written and performed by UK singer and song writer Matthew "Matt" Hales, front man and creative catalyst of Aqualung.
The song features on Aqualung's self-titled debut album.
The song itself peaked at number 7 in the UK top 40 singles chart and went on to chart at number 108 in the US Top 200 Billboard chart.
The length of this song is 3:52 long. Strange and Beautiful was recorded in Matthew Hales' home studio. Lyrical narrative and musical composition
Lyrically, the songs narrative is about a unrelenting and unrequited love. Sang in the first person the lyrics also mainly explore a kind of emotional yearning and even a melancholy lust.
The song incorporates a looping piano melody which provides the main musical element of the song.
There is a standard element of percussion which does not have a overwhelming presence. This song was written by Matthew Hales and co written by his partner Kim Oliver and brother Matthew Nicholas Hales.
The track is performed vocally by Matt Hales who also plays the piano that features in the song.

Strange and Beautiful's commercial and media success

During the year of the songs release it was featured in a leading and prestigious motor vehicle television advert which gained the song a majority of it's notoriety. The song has since gone on to also be featured on various compilation albums and, also features on the soundtrack of a movie.
The music video that accompanies this song did relatively well but, did not endure the same critical acclaimed praise as the song did. The Strange and Beautiful lyrics have since gone on to be posted on numerous lyrics web sites citing the ongoing popularity of the song along with various other Aqualung lyrics. Final word
Aqualung's self-titled debut album went Gold due largely in part to the success of Strange and Beautiful ("I'll Put A Spell On You.")
The song has also prompted multiple online video cover versions, both acoustic and on electric guitar.

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