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Beauty without cruelty: The facts

People who are concerned about animal welfare should take the time to understand product labeling. This will stop consumers from buying products that have been tested on animals unknowingly.

The labeling of beauty products

Today, a large amount of consumers are becoming more and more aware of what is in the products they buy and how they are tested by manufacturers. Unfortunately many products that are labeled "cruelty-free" are tested on animals. Promotion
This is due to the fact that there is some ambiguity regarding the rules of labeling beauty products. In fact, some products use terms such as "cruelty free" as a promotional tool. Tests are carried on on animals
Phrases such natural and hypo-allergenic imply to the consumer that the ingredients in the product have not been tested on animals. The sad reality is that most cosmetic ingredients have been tested on animals at some point or another.
What to look for?
What this means for consumers is "that products that sport terms that allude to the fact that the company does not test on animals" can be misleading. Buyers should make sure that they look for terms such as "this company does not test on animals" or "not tested on animals".

How to buy beauty products that are not tested on animals?

Companies are not aware that their products are tested on animals
Some companies not aware that the ingredients in their products are tested on animals. This occurs when a company buys ingredients wholesale from another company. Business practices such as these make it very difficult for the consumer to find products that are not tested on animals.
The best way for buyers to purchase animal-friendly products is for them to do some research before they buy a product. For example, if a buyer is interested in a specific product, he can look on the Internet to check if the company practices animal testing. Ethical practices
Another method of finding these products is to simply buy products that are known for their ethical practices regarding animal welfare. For example, any product labeled "tested on humans" is a good choice. The Body Shop sells cosmetics and other beauty products that were created without any animal testing. While these products may be more expensive than other brands, they are worth the cost if purchasing them reduces further animal cruelty from occurring.

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