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How to put on make-up

You don't need to spend hours in front of the mirror to look good. Once you know what you are doing, you can have your face done in minutes and look great. Here are a few easy steps for a quick, basic routine in the morning.

Prepare your face

Start by washing your face and hands thoroughly. Pat gently with a towel to dry. Apply an oil-free moisturiser. Use one with sunscreen for protection from harmful UV rays. Use concealer on any scars, pimples, blemishes, red or discoloured spots. Pay special attention to the corners and under the eyes, and around the nostrils. Apply a foundation primer to smooth out the skin and make applying foundation easier. This will also help the make-up to last longer. Now, apply your foundation. Use a sponge wedge to smooth it all over the face, around, and under the chin, and even on the lips. Make sure you blend the jaw line with the neck so that you don't end up with a foundation face line around the jaw.

Putting on your make-up

Start with your eye shadow. Cover the eyelid up to the brow line with a neutral shade. Then apply a second colour right on the eyelid. Apply your eyeliner by dotting it across the top of the upper lash. Use a small eyeliner brush to smooth it across. Then apply it with the same method on the bottom lash. Finish the eyes with a light touch of mascara on the upper lashes.
Blush should be applied to the cheekbones or the apples of the cheeks, not both. Tap the edge of the brush before applying your blush. For a natural look - Smile and in a circular motion, apply the blusher to the apples of your cheeks.
For a dramatic look - Don't smile and brush the colour along your cheekbone. Use a lighter colour on the apples to highlight. Blend the colours so you don't end up with striped cheeks. Lips Apply a lip balm or primer to make your lipstick or gloss last longer. Line your lips with a liner that matches the natural lip colour. Line outside your lips to make them appear fuller. Apply your lipstick or lip-gloss with a brush. Applying with a brush spreads it evenly and makes it last longer. Finishing up
When you have your eyes, cheeks, and lips done, it is time to set your face. Brush loose translucent powder over the entire face, including the lips, to set the makeup for staying power. Use a large, full, soft brush so the powder goes on lightly and evenly.

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