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Best healthy cookie recipes for children

Cookies can never be described as being a diet food, but there are some that fall into the category of being healthy. Using whole grain flour, less sugar and oil instead of butter can transform this snack into a healthy option. Read on to learn how to make a basic recipe and some alternative ideas for healthy cookies.

Healthy low fat cookies

Ingredients needed for a basic recipe
-250g whole grain flour
-½ teaspoon baking powder
-Pinch of salt
-125g sugar
-125ml vegetable oil
-1 egg
-2 teaspoonfuls of vanilla extract. Instructions
Mix the flour, baking powder and salt together until combined.
In a separate bowl, combine the sugar and egg until the sugar is fully absorbed and it reaches a smooth texture, then add the oil and vanilla extract.
Finally, slowly add the flour into this mixture until you have a smooth dough.
Rolling out, cutting and cooking
Roll out onto a floured surface until you achieve the required thickness and cut using a circular cutter.
Place onto a baking tray and cook in a preheated oven at 190C for 10 to 12 minutes.
This recipe makes 60 to 70 cookies.

Alternative cookie recipes for children

Additions to the above basic recipe
With just one or two additional ingredients the basic recipe can be transformed into several tasty alternatives with these amazing recipes. Almond, orange and cardamom cookies
These healthy cookies can be packed full of nuts with the added flavour coming from orange and cardamom. Ginger nut cookies
Simply by adding some finely chopped or grated ginger into the basic recipe creates this favourite. Instead of circular shapes, they could be further transformed with a gingerbread man cutter. Oatmeal and raisin cookies
Children will love the combination of this healthy option cookie. They are full of flavour and very nutritional.
They can even be frozen and saved for later. Chocolate chip cookies
Use healthy option chocolate chips and add them to the basic recipe at the top of this article. This is another delicious cookie recipes that can be achieved that is suitable for children.
Cherry, pecan or walnut cookies
Three alternatives that could be added for individual flavours or even a combination of all three.

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