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Can you train for computer jobs at home?

Training for computer jobs at home is not only easy, but there are a multitude of options available to fit any schedule and lifestyle. There are a few things that need to be considered when choosing this route over a conventional program. With a little planning and clear goals, it can be a much less expensive and time consuming process. Below is an overview of the most popular options.

Online college courses

One of the major concerns when training for careers in IT or other computing careers is that many of the better and, subsequently, higher paying jobs require a degree. For those without one, online college courses address both needs simultaneously. They can be time consuming, and far more costly than simple technical training. However, if the option is feasible, the rewards are proportionally lucrative.

Technical training

Technical training and certification can be done almost exclusively from home.
There is some expense involved, but with a clear idea of what training and certifications are required before enrolling, the cost can be controlled, and the tutors, materials, and structured coursework this route offers can be a definite advantage and motivator to some people. No matter what route one chooses for training, all certification tests have to be taken at a registered testing facility. Since, in most areas, it is extremely simple to find a teaching center nearby that offers both online training and in house testing, this route has the added advantage of the test taker already being familiar with and comfortable with the facility where the certification tests will be taken.

Self tutoring

The simplest and least expensive option for training from home is to do it all yourself. The information needed to acquire any certifications one may desire is easily available online, at a bookstore, or in a library for no more than the cost of a book. This route does have a downside. With no accountability or structure, people who lack the ability to keep themselves motivated may have trouble staying focused on the task at hand.

Possibilities to consider

You have accomplished your goal of training for a computer job from home. Why not work from home too? You have proven that you have the self discipline to stay focused away from the office. There are plenty of legitimate work from home opportunities out there in the form of data entry, typing, freelance writing, and PC support jobs.
In the end, it comes down to what you are comfortable with. With a little work and patience, the career of your choice can be yours.

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