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Comparing the prices of Aluminium Tower and Access Hire Ltd

If you are thinking of undertaking DIY projects or you are a construction builder, consider hiring or buying aluminium towers and scaffoldings. They will boost heights and make painting and repairs safer, and more efficient. Find out the prices of towers and scaffoldings for hire or sale from various sellers including Aluminium Tower and Access Hire Ltd.

Safety at work

Uses of chassis PC or boss towers The main use of scaffolding towers is to provide a stable and safe platform for workers to undertake construction, painting or repair jobs. Access through towers and ladders is greatly improved. They are usually mobile scaffolding towers that can be easily set up and dismantled from one place to another. Complementary accessories such as step and roof ladders are also used. Aluminium Tower and Access Hire Ltd sell all the towers and scaffolding supplies which are essential in construction and even DIY projects. If you are interested to buy scaffolding parts, there are numerous stores such as Helix Scaffold and Top Tower that sell tower cases from aluminium. Other companies may offer scaffolding for sale or for hire.

Comparing prices

Prices of aluminium towers and scaffoldings including a tower PC, vary across sellers. They also depend on whether the item is for purchase, for hire or both: - Aluminium Tower and Access Hire Ltd The support department was contacted so as to get an estimate of the prices. These prices are as of 23.08.11: Price hire list
2.2 M £31.00 per week
3.2 M £34.00 per week
4.2 M £39.00 per week
5.2 M £42.50 per week
6.2 M £47.00 per week
7.2 M £53.00 per week
8.2 M £57.00 per week
Prices exclude VAT as well as delivery and collection charges. For alloy towers, podium steps, step ladders, alloy ladders and roof ladders, contact the company directly through its 'contact us' form or telephone numbers. They answer promptly and can attend to queries within an hour or two. - Lakeside Hire per week (prices as of 01.08.11) 2.2 M - £38.40
3.2 M - £50.40
4.2 M - £62.40
5.2 M - £74.40
6.2 M - £86.40
7.2 M - £98.40
8.2 M - £110.40 - Austin White Ladders (Boss scaffolding for sale as of 01.08.11)
0.80 M - £625.15
1.2 M - £986.83
1.8 M - £1003.80
2.2 M - £963.89
2.55 M - £1254.43
3.55 M - £1467.10 Amazon UK also sells a DIY Aluminium Tower at £499.99. You can also request prices from Ladders and Scaffold Towers and Euro Towers for better comparison ranges.

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