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Corgi Modern Trucks: Review and rate

Corgi Modern Trucks are realistic small toys that are replicas of real trucks. They are based on big, real life names such as Eddie Stobart, J. Richardson and The McGawn Brothers. This article reviews and rates Corgi Modern trucks and looks at the pros and cons of the toys.

Corgi Modern Trucks

Corgi Modern Trucks are created on a scale of 1: 50 and are extremely realistic. Each die-cast Corgi model includes a numbered Limited Edition ' Tachograph' Certificate and features customer-applied rear-view mirrors and fine detail wipers. All models are presented in customised-display packaging which authenticates them. Most full-length trucks are around 30cm in length.

Positive points

As already mentioned, the model of the lorries are made with unbelievable detail and precision which makes them look incredibly realistic. This is enhanced by the fact that the models are all based on real life trucks. Models
If you know a lot about haulage trucks, then you will find the models fascinating and very nice collectors items. They can also make a very nice gift to somebody. Advantage Another good thing about the Corgi haulage trucks is that many lorries are represented. Eddie Stobarts lorries are probably the most famous of the lorries that they make though they make many other models of lorries as well. If you are interested in haulage lorries, then the chances are that you will have a favourite haulage lorry from Corgi.

Negative points

Disadvantage Heavy use When it comes to collecting, the Corgi toys are great but when it comes to actually using them as toys, they fall way below par. The fact of the matter is that the trucks are not designed for heavy use or heavy durability. They may look like the real trucks but they are not as durable as the real ones. A final word
The trucks come in very nicely presented boxes which are just a part of the truck, such as the truck's wheels. When it comes to selling Corgi trucks on, the box will add value to it. Therefore, you have to always make sure that you keep the box and the truck in mint condition since otherwise it will lose its value.

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