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Five great garden storage ideas

The history of gardening dates back from the beginning of mankind. While it can be argued that it began accidentally, it soon became a wide-spread practice that was passed down through the ages. Gardens ranged from the practical to the elaborate, like the hanging gardens of Babylon or the more modern gardens by Capability Brown. Whether the garden is there for pleasure or sustenance, having garden storage for your gardening supplies is a must.


Jars make excellent garden storage for your seeds, especially if your seeds are of the heirloom and not hybrid varieties. Tip
Place the seed packets in the jars with a packet of desiccant to eliminate any moisture, and your seeds will keep until the next planting season or even for years. Jars' sizes Thanks to jars' modest sizes, they can be stored anywhere out of the light and in a cool place, like a storage shelf in a cellar or kitchen storage. Best yet, as jars come with food, they require no special purchase. They need only soap and water to keep them clean.


Boxes are another garden storage idea that is often low-cost. Defunct ice chests, large wooden boxes, decrepit steamer trunks are among the range of boxes that will serve the purpose. Use of boxes These boxes will allow you to store gardening supplies and, depending on the size, can hold anything from hand tools like trowels and bulb planters to hoes and rakes. They can also be used to hold pots, garden soil or fertiliser.


Shelves are useful for garden storage, as they can be bought pre-made and installed, or created to fit the space in which they are needed. A set of shelves on a wall in your garage can hold a multitude of supplies, from pots to soil and even tools.


Furniture is another handy item for garden storage. It can be a specifically-made potting benches from recycled counters and assembled cabinets to create your own custom-potting bench. Furniture like this can help you store your flower pots, soil and tools.


Sheds, specifically as garden sheds, are available pre-made. However, you do not need to reply upon them for garden storage. A converted hen house or a custom-built shed made of recycled building supplies can hold shelving and storage space where you can organise your gardening supplies. If the shed is large enough, you can even use it to store your rototiller or larger gardening tools.

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