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How to install metal roofing

Installing a metal roof is an expensive option but one that will last many years. The initial cost a roof installation consisting of metal roof tiles or panels can be high but when properly installed, it should last for around fifty years. Read the guide below to learn how to install metal roofing.

Preparation and the first panel or tile

Non-porous barrier First lay a covering of non-porous paper such as tar paper across the surface of the roof. This acts as a second barrier should water get through the metal roof. Overlap each sheet with the higher sheet above the one below it so that any water penetrating this far can only run down and not inside.
First sheet or tile Position the first of your metal roofing panels or tiles at the bottom edge of one side of the roof to be covered. It is essential that this is positioned squarely. Once this one is accurate, drive a roofing screw through the roofing to secure its position. With this panel being square, the remaining panels or tiles (if aligned correctly) will also be square. Do not secure the edge that will overlap with the second panel or tile, once that one is in place and they overlap, they will be secured together. When using corrugated metal roofing If your roof panels are corrugated, secure the roof to the eaves through the top of corrugations and not in the valleys. Securing through the valleys increases the chances of leakage through water collecting around the joint. Use rubber gaskets to ensure a watertight seal.

Completing your roof

Overlapping Continue across the bottom edge of the roof, overlapping each tile or panel as you go and securing them to the eaves at the overlap. The final piece may require cutting to fit securely in place. Second tier and beyond Begin the second tier overlapping the one below to ensure that no water can penetrate between the two. This layer should also begin with a cut section so that the joints between tiles or panels are not at the same point as the row below these. This action ensures that there is not a weak point for water to enter along a solid line of joints. The third tier or row can be positioned in alignment with the first and continue in this fashion until your roof is fully covered.
Edging and guttering Once your roof is fully covered, this just requires the fitting of edging and guttering to complete the task. You can then appreciate many years of knowing your roof will protect you from the elements.

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