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Fun and educational games for toddlers

The toddler years constitute a busy and learning time. Providing fun and educational games at this stage is a great idea. The following article provides some suggestions on where to find such activities.

Concept toys

Toddlers are young children who undergo a process of mastering languages, and begin to learn their concepts: letter recognition, numbers and counting, shapes, opposites, and so on. There are many toys available which help toddlers with this learning stage, such as shape blocks and puzzles. In addition, toddlers are mastering the use of their bodies, both in their gross motor development, as well as fine motor development. Learning concepts Many activities and toys are there to foster fine motor skills, such as peg boards and lego. A toddler's play time is a toddler learning process. These days, appropriate toys provide young children opportunities to learn concepts while having fun.

Online learning

Aside from having toys and activities for toddlers to manipulate, play with and learn, there are numerous opportunities which online sites provide for toddler education. Many of these toddler websites are free and provide numerous games appropriate for toddlers and pre-school ages. There are many websites that are dedicated to offering simple games designed for toddlers to play and interact with. A toddler simply has to learn how to move the mouse and click. Listed below are just some of the websites to visit: Sesame Street:
Nick Jr. :
Baby TV:
Disney: Storybooks online In addition, many of these sites created for young children provide storybook online options. Toddlers love repetition and familiarity. A place where they can visit their beloved character every time will be appreciated and requested.

Keeping a balance

Although these fun online games for toddlers are plentiful and very educational, it is important to limit the time spent doing these. Children deserve a variety of activities and interactions. Allocate a time or two in the day dedicated to these educational games on various websites. Your child will look forward to these opportunities and at the same time learn about boundaries. Balancing their time with a variety of activities which will then meet all their needs, is essential to the overall development of the child. Provide your toddler with fun computer games along with concept toys, play time outside, family interactions, crafts and so on.

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