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Good PC Review and rate

The PC gaming scene is as active as ever, with a vast array of titles available for your machine. Many websites act as a guide to the top PC games. Among these is Read on for the verdict on this site.

How the site works does what it says on the tin and it's a list of good PC games. Not all PC games are included, just some of the more recent titles.
It includes lists of games by category, namely racing, shooting, RPG, strategy, action, kids and sport. Information on the game
There is a brief overview of each listed game and a link to purchase it from Readers are able to recommend games for inclusion in the lists, and submit reviews for the titles already present. It also features a list of the current best-selling PC games on

Positive points is neatly laid-out and easy to navigate. The information provided for each game is concise, yet detailed, and gives a good idea of what the game will be like. The ability to recommend games for the site is another nice touch, as is the option to send in reviews of the listed games.

Negative points

Sparse website
The website is so sparse that it can be assumed that it isn't finished. None of the lists are extensive enough to be of real use. One of them is actually empty at the time of writing and the list categories themselves are hardly comprehensive.
Lack of information on technicalities There is no information on the technical requirements for each game, so you have no way of knowing, if your PC will be able to run any of them. There are no game videos on offer either, which is a clear missed opportunity.
Bland colour scheme The colour scheme is bland and unmemorable and there is no banner at the top of the page, merely a rather forlorn looking "Good PC Games" typed in a generic font. Inability to compete All the evidence suggests that is the project of a GCSE IT student. It certainly has no hope of competing with the major games websites IGN, Gamespot etc and has absolutely nothing to encourage repeated reading.
Rating Giving it a rating almost feels slightly unfair as a rating implies that it should be thought of in the same terms as professional websites, which are light-years ahead of it. is one of the worst computer sites and it can be given the rating of two over ten.

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