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Health benefits of a liver cleanse diet

This article will give you an overview of the liver cleanse diet. Note however that, this diet is strict. It is mainly based on detoxing the liver with all vegetables to be eaten raw.

The diet and its benefits

This detox diet can be carried out on 3, 7 or 21 days. These are all designed to flush out any toxins and gives your liver a break. Important note To cleanse the liver, you must avoid overeating, alcohol, coffee, fast foods, fried foods as well as artificial sugars and salts. Aim of the diet By doing this, it will allow your liver to eliminate waste effectively. It will improve energy, reduce ageing and stress, weight, cellulite, boost your immune system as well as ward of degenerative disease and help you on your way to a healthy liver. The diet The detox diet is very restrictive. You must stick to organic raw vegetables, fruits and wholegrain. You must avoid high fat or fried foods, sugar processed foods, coffee and saturated foods. The most important thing to do is to drink a lot of water to flush out any toxins. Starting the diet When starting the body detox diet, carry out a program like a seven or ten-day detox. It can be quite hard to start, however the results are great. Health benefits A liver clean program works to: 1. Repair the digestive system
2. Assist sluggish liver function
3. Maintain levels of friendly intestinal bacteria
4. Gently help to cleanse the bowel
5. Assist removal of dead skin cells and stimulating blood flow to the skin surface Possible side effects A body detoxing and liver cleanse diet is an individual program. Some people can breeze through it, everyone is different. Side effects can include: Headaches
This is common when sugar is removed from the diet. Constipation This can happen at the first initial stages of cleansing. Flatulence or bloating This happens because your body is adjusting to more fibre. Tiredness
Removing sugar from your tired will reduce stimulates and bring on fatigue.

Detox menu

Diet menu plan Breakfast - Smoothie made with rice milk, rice protein powder and pear. Lunch - Vegetable soup with your choice of vegetables with vegetable stock. - Apple sauce - Steamed broccoli with sesame seeds and beets sprinkled with brown rice or lemon Dinner - Curried lentils on quinoa - Salad with mixed greens , artichokes, red peppers and sprouts drizzled with salad dressing of garlic, lemon juice and olive oil - Vegetable broth Snacks - Apple juice diluted with water
- Water
- Vegetable broth
- Celery sticks and hummus
- Carrot sticks with hummus dip Before bed One table spoon of flaxseeds in a glass of water

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