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How best to achieve diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace deals with how organizations manage cultural diversity at work. Employers that allow diversity recruitment are expected to ensure that diversity management is in place. This article provides insights to workforce diversity, the benefits of diversity in the workplace and how to best achieve it.

What is diversity in the workplace?

What does diversity mean?
Broadly, diversity is about people of varying age, gender, ethnicity or cultural background, educational attainment, and religious beliefs. Diversity in the workplace is the meeting together of these diverse people working together in one organization whereby management ensures that policies in equality and diversity programs are inculcated. Overview of diversity in the workplace
Managing diversity in the workplace means creating a work environment where management is able to inculcate equality and respect for all workers. Organizations that accept diversity recruitment programs believe that workforce diversity has a positive benefit in the company. Workplace diversity includes equality and diversity legislation or sometimes what is called the principle of equal employment opportunity (EEO). This legislation or policy is an important foundation for a policy of workplace diversity.

Benefits of diversity

The benefits of diversity in the workplace
Give increased innovation and wider range of ideas and/or insights.
Diversity in the workplace can be good for the business for it can facilitate easier communication, for example, cultural affinities in terms of clients. Improve services to customers and/or clients.
This happens as the diverse workplace will have a better understanding of needs through better communication with its clients.
Maintain workplace knowledge and expertise.
Organizations that value employee equality and diversity in the workplace keep the knowledge and competence of the employees.

How best to achieve diversity at work

How diversity at work can best be achieved
1. Integrate diversity program with company goals. Integrating workplace diversity programs or workplace legislation into human resources policies include behaviour that promotes workplace diversity in work level standards.
2. Encourage staff development through training, particularly staff from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, and also, to encourage mentoring or the “buddy” system.
3. Provide flexible working arrangements for staff. In recent years, organizations have allowed and accepted a flexible plan arrangement for a team roster or shift to work from home.
4. Increase awareness of diversity in the workforce. To do this organizations hold forums or publicize on particular topics, for example: pros and cons of flexible plan arrangement to work from home versus working long hours in the office.
5. Develop a strong diversity leadership through continuous training for leaders, so that they stay committed and help resolve situations where diversity issues arise. A good leader dedicated in practicing cultural diversity in the workplace makes a difference.

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