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How can I find my local Dominos UK?

Dominoes is a pizza establishment in the UK that delivers quality food quickly. This is a guide on how to find your local Dominoes and order a pizza.


Offering a range of lunch subs, drinks, desserts, side dishes, made pizzas and even a create-your-own option, Dominoes is one of the most successful pizza establishments in the UK. Website
The easiest and most efficient way to find your local Dominos and Dominoes pizzas is to check online at When you go to the website, you are able to type in your postcode and it displays the nearest Dominos near your house, along with the address and how many miles away it is from your place.
Other options
It also gives you the option of ordering your pizza online.
When you click the big green button labeled 'Order Online', it takes you to the full Dominos menu and you can have a look at the subs, desserts, drinks and pizzas. Ordering
When you order your pizza online, you're able to choose how you want to pay.
The site offers three options: paying by card, paying through Paypal or paying by cash upon home delivery. Therefore if you do not have any money on you, but you want a pizza, you do not have to go out and find a cash point as you can easily pay through Paypal.


Locating stores
There are various Dominos stores dotted around the UK and by checking online, you can easily locate your nearest one.
If you aren't comfortable with paying online, you can simply place your order online and then walk or drive to your nearest store to pay and to pick up your pizza.
Phone orders
Alternatively, you can find the Dominos number on the site and place your order by phone before going to collect it in person. Special offers
You may check out some pizza coupons to benefit of special offers.
It is important to note that most of the time, you can claim your special offer over the phone, as some offers might not have been put on the site yet. Collect
Choosing the collect option can often make your order cheaper, as Dominos offers a discount on collection orders, meaning you can get cheap pizza by simply going to collect it in person.

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