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How can MTG player use the deck builder's toolkit?

Magic the Gathering (MTG, also known as Magic TCG) is the world's most popular fantasy collectable trading card game. In this guide, we'll show you how to use it to build killer decks!

What makes a good deck?

With literally thousands of cards to choose from, building a deck can be an extremely difficult task for the new player.
To help solve this problem, Wizards of the Coast have released the deck builders tool kit.
The deck should consist of a minimum of 60 cards but can be as many cards as you like, provided that they can reasonably be shuffled by one person.
With the exception of basic lands, the deck should also contain no more than four copies of any single card. Sideboards
No matter how good you think you deck is, someone will be able to beat it. Analyse you weaknesses and pick exactly fifteen cards that you can substitute in should you find your deck needs improving. A good balance of cards
If you have too many cards, then statistics dictate that you won't see your most powerful cards.
60 cards is a good size for most decks and as a guide for beginners, go for 24 lands, 24 creatures and twelve other spells. Don't try to do too much
Pick a focus for your deck and try and stick to it.
You deck designs shouldn't have too many winning conditions as the chances of being able to achieve each of these is low.

Deck building ideas

Mono Colour Deck
For beginners, try building a simple mono colour deck straight after you buy the magic the gathering deck builder's tool kit.
You will have a good range of cards to choose from and you will not be in danger of running out of lands provided you follow the 24-12-24 rule. Multi Colour Deck
When building a multi-coloured deck, make sure that you assess your
"mana needs" first and adjust the amount basic lands to suit.
The MTG deck builder box doesn't contain any dual lands, so consider upgrading your collection with a few of these cards to really make multi colour decks work. Tribal Decks
For many people, winning isn't the only objective.
Creating an interesting deck with plenty of flavour and back story can be just as satisfying.
Pick a creature type and try and build around this.
Quite often the mechanics of these cards mean that they work really well together. Combo Decks
There are thousands of ways to win, but blocking your opponent until you land a perfect combo is one of the most satisfying.

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