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How does the cottage cheese diet work?

The cottage cheese diet is a popular way to lose weight. Contrary to the popular opinion that dairy products do not help in weight loss, the cottage cheese diet is one of the popular crash diet plans that help lose five pounds or more in less than a week. Does this diet plan work? Read on for more information.

The diet

Overview What is the cottage cheese diet?
This diet includes boiled eggs, fat free cottage cheese, tomatoes, apples, cucumbers, low-fat yoghurt, and green vegetables. You cannot drink carbonated drinks when following this diet. Nutritional Information A normal serving of cottage cheese has 116 calories, with 46 calories coming from fat.
Cottage cheese made from skim milk contains even lesser calories.
Moreover, it is high in protein content. Another benefit of cottage cheese is that it satisfies your hunger.
Hence, cottage cheese can help shed weight in less time.


Single diet plans are not good for health. Hence, if you are following the cottage cheese diet, you must not forget to include other food items mentioned earlier. Keep realistic goals Experts believe that one should aim at losing no more than six pound a month. At this pace, you would not only lose weight, but also keep the weight from coming back. Crash diets like the three day tuna diet and the three day cheese diet, on the other hand, do help lose weight, but at the cost of your health. Comparing your results with those of a celebrity would only frustrate you. Spice it up You can spice up you cottage cheese diet easily.
For example, you can add berries or peaches to cottage cheese to make a nice meal. You can also make “fruit smoothies” by adding banana and strawberries to cottage cheese.

The truth

Final word The cottage cheese diet works as it is a low-fat and high-protein diet program. However, you should not follow this diet for long. Stick to this diet plan for a month, and analyse your progress. Some people are allergic to dairy products. They should not therefore follow this diet plan. This diet plan works more for people who are in the healthy weight range. Obese people should consult a dietitian before starting the cottage cheese diet.

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