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Top five most effective weight-loss tools

Losing weight is not all about exercising for hours and popping weight-loss pills. It requires a more scientific approach that involves selecting the right diet, exercise program, and effective weight-loss tools. Though it is difficult to understand which the best weight-loss tool is, you can certainly figure out some of the effective weight-loss aids. Read this article to learn about the top five most effective weight-loss tools.

A closer look at weight loss

You lose weight when you create a calorie deficit and you gain weight when you create a calorie surplus. Again, it is important to remember that calorie deficit does not mean starving yourself. It simply means that you eat a little less than your maintenance level calorie level. Similarly, to gain muscle, you cannot just eat anything. Calorie surplus should be through healthy foods and not fad diets.

Choosing the right approach

The best way to lose weight is to follow a weight-loss program and a diet plan tailored as per your body type, age, sex, medical history, and lifestyle. Celebrity diets are not a guarantee for weight loss nor can they be useful for everyone.

The most effective weight-loss tools

Weight-loss tools do not refer to expensive equipment or surgical treatments. Following are the five most effective tools that you can use to lose weight. Remember that these would help you lose weight gradually and not in a week or two. Measuring tape and BMI converter You should always have a measuring table to track your progress. Before starting a weight-loss program, you can measure your arms, legs, chest and other areas, and note them. In addition, you should check the measurements every 1-2 weeks. A BMI calculator helps you to calculate your body fat, and thus helps you chalk out a weight-loss plan. Dumbbells A pair of medium-weight dumbbells would not cost you much and yet give you all the benefits. You can perform various exercises like dumbbell curls, dumbbell presses, dumbbell rowing, and dumbbell shrugs to tone your body at home. Water bottle Water is the number one natural fat loss drink: You should drink 2-4 litres water every day. Keeping your body hydrated would lessen the urge to eat, and also detoxify your body.
Resistance bands These bands are best for people who travel a lot as these are lightweight and incredibly effective. Trainers A pair of comfortable running shoes is indispensable for weight loss. As weight loss involves performing cardiovascular activities like running, cycling, jogging and brisk walking, a pair of runners would surely make you get the most out of your weight-loss regimen.

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