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How to apply sheer cover make up

The art of make up application is to appear as if you aren't wearing make up at all. This is especially true when it comes to foundation. Now, there are just a few simple rules to follow that will ensure flawless sheer coverage with every application.

The foundations of healthy skin

The most expensive make up applied by the most dexterous artist cannot hide poor skin. The foundation of any good make up application is clear, supple, skin. Keep your skin healthy by cleansing daily, moisturising regularly, and eating a balance diet rich in raw fruit and vegetables. Drink eight glasses of water a day to keep skin hydrated. Any problem areas can be treated with specialist skin care products. Try the Guthy-Renker range, a celebrity favourite.

Base coat

Your skins appearance it is created through layers - layers of epidermis, dermis, muscles etc. Consider your make up application in the same way. A flawless finish is created through the application of layers of sheer cosmetics. Once you have cleaned and moisturised your skin, you can begin the application. If you don't need concealer, and have well-moisturised wrinkle free skin, you could use a product like mineral make up powder as a one step foundation application. Alternatively, apply a small amount of liquid foundation or tinted moisturiser all over the face blending to get even sheer cover. Pay special attention to the edges of the face, blend down onto your neck to avoid the face frame make up streak.

Highlighting & covering up

Using a highlighter of your choice (a chubby stick or liquid highlighter work really well) apply to the brow bones under your eye brows, along the bridge of the nose and along the cheek bones, then blend it all! Don't forget that less is more. It is also easier to add to your make up application than to remove from it, so use small amounts and build the products up rather than slathering on a large amount up front. If you need to, apply your concealer last. Using a brush, apply thin layers of concealer only to the places where you need it, like blemishes or the under eye area. Apply a small amount of creme blush on the apples of your cheeks for a flushed glow.

Lock in that look

Once you have your layers in place, apply a small amount of translucent powder to set your look. Use a large brush, puff out the bristles and touch lightly to the powder surface, shake off any access and brush all over to set your foundation. If necessary, you can apply a bronzer or blush over the powder application. Complete your make up with your favourite eye and lip make up.

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