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How to care for a copper-roof

Copper roofs lose their shine over time, and more so when they become dirty. Air can cause oxidation, which changes the colour to a blue-green patina look. Since it is hard to constantly clean a copper roof, once it is clean, there are some things you can do to keep it this way longer, such as putting a sealant on it.

Clean copper roof

- Use a broom to sweep away all debris, such as roof moss, from the roof before you start cleaning it. - Make up a paste of one part flour, one part salt, and one part vinegar.
- Apply the paste to the roof evenly.
- Allow the past to sit on the copper roof overnight. Make sure you do this project when there is no rain in the forecast.
- Use warm and soapy water to rinse the paste off of the copper roof. Rinse again with clear and clean water to remove all soap.
- Buff the roof using a clean towel to help restore shine to the roof. You can also use a metal roof cleaner to clean a copper roof, especially if the roof is older.
- Apply this cleaner to the roof using a power washer, or you can use a hose with an attachment. - Follow the directions on the can on how to clean your roof. You can purchase this cleaner at any roofing or home supply store.
- Make sure you purchase enough cleaner to clean your entire roof metal.

Seal copper roof

- Purchase a polyurethane spray sealant to seal the roof. This prevents air from getting to the copper, which will oxidise it.
- Pour some of the sealant into a tray.
- Use a paint roller to apply the sealant to the roof with a long handle.
- Start in the bottom corner, wet the roller and then apply a long coating of the sealant up to the roof peak.
- Apply the sealant in long and even strokes.
- Ensure the sealant gets into the seams of the roof.
- Continue adding the sealant to the roof, working from bottom up to the top, and gradually move to the other end of the roof.
- You can use a paint brush to apply sealant into those hard to reach places.

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