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How to choose a black evening dress

Every woman needs a black evening dress in her closet. They are the perfect pieces for special occasions and go perfectly with whatever her partner will be wearing.

How to choose

Fabric All dress choices, whether business dresses, casual dresses or even t shirt dresses, start with the fabric. The fabric should match the season you are wearing the dress. Spring: Taffeta works best in the spring and has a spring look and feel to it. Summer: The light airiness of chiffon makes it the perfect summer fabric for any dress. Autumn : Shimmering satin or silk looks elegant in autumn, heavy enough to keep you comfortable but light enough not to overheat. Winter:Velvet is a beautiful winter fabric. It is elegant, soft, and looks great at any holiday event.
Contour How a dress silhouettes and accents your body’s shape will determine if it is right for you.
A-line dresses look good on every shape and are perfect if you are unsure of which style you want.
Here are some other silhouettes to consider:
Mermaid – Mermaid dresses accent curves and are perfect for the hourglass figure.
Column – Column dresses elongate the body and make women size 18 and over look slimmer.
Empire – Empire is perfect for the petite body shape, making the limbs look longer. Adornments When choosing a dress with adornments, select one that will accent your best parts. If your bust is your best feature, choose sequin and beaded embellishments over the bust. If you want to emphasize the waist, choose a dress with an embroidered waistline. Accessories Simple black evening dresses can be transformed into elegant luxury dresses with the right accessories. When accessorising, keep it simple.
If you are going to wear a dazzling necklace choose low-key earrings and vice versa. Shoes You cannot go wrong with high heels, they make the legs look longer and add something special to any dress. Have a bit of fun and try gold evening shoes or silver heels with rhinestones. Purse Beaded evening bags look stunning with black dresses. Choose something small, like a clutch, so it stands out but does not overpower the dress.


Tips Play up your body’s strengths and best assets when choosing a dress shape.
To show off your back, choose a backless stress.
To show off your legs, select an asymmetrical cut, exposing just enough leg for a bit of a tease.
To show off your neck and shoulders, consider something off the shoulder. Remember, the neckline is the focal point of the dress and draws the attention first.

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