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How to choose ceramic kitchen canisters

With so many canisters on the market, how do you decide which is the best one for you and your needs, and where can you purchase them within the UK?

Types of canister

Kitchen canisters come in various shapes and sizes. From long thin ones designed for pasta, to sets for tea, coffee and sugar, you can get a canister for pretty much everything in your kitchen. If you are purchasing for your kitchen, then there are also numerous kitchen canister sets available. Sets
If you're buying in a set, you'll find that they come grouped by what they are used for - tea, coffee and sugar canisters are usually packaged as a set because they are all used in brew making. Individual
You can also choose them one by one to suit your needs.
For instance if you don't drink coffee, then you obviously won't need a canister for coffee granules, or if you bake on a frequent basis, then you might want one for flour and sugar.
Usually the best types are the ceramic canisters.
You can buy metal ones, but they are more prone to rust and do not last as long.

The shops

Canister sets are available from stores such as Argos or Lakeland, and usually have writing on to indicate what they are for. Types of canister sets available
Argos have red canisters, green canisters and a whole other host of colours in sets, to match other products in their shop like kettles and toasters, to provide you with a kitchen that looks coordinated. Lakeland also sell ceramic kitchen canisters, similar to Argos, but they also have a range of patterned and individual ones that you can buy, if you like a particular pattern, but want more canisters than are available in a standard set.


Online stores
Argos and Lakeland also have online stores, where you can purchase kitchen canisters if you do not have a store nearby.
Alternatively, online stores are the best places to check out if your local store is out of stock. Final word
Furthermore, online retailers such as Amazon also have a range of kitchen equipment and sell canisters, both in ceramic and metal.
These canisters come in a variety of colours and shapes.

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