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How to choose women's pant suits

Perfect for the office and special nights out, women's pant suits are a must-have in any female closet. They are versatile enough to go from work to dinner and flatter any body shape with the right fit. These tips will help you choose your next perfect suit.

Choose the occasion

Before choosing a suit, you need to know where you’ll be wearing it. Not every suit is appropriate for every occasion. This is why most women have more than one ladies' pant suit hanging in their closet. Office wear Office wear requires a professional look. Stick with solid, neutral colours, like navy blue, grey, and black. Pair with a crisp button down shirt. White is a classic choice, but colours and patterns can add a feminine touch when the occasion calls for it. Evening wear Choose suits with colour and flare for pantsuits for women. Add the right accessories, and pair the suit with the right top. Camisoles, silky halter-tops or tank tops look perfect with or without a jacket. Special occasions Designer suits are flirty and feminine. Wear them to weddings, a concert, and any high fashion social gathering. Look for silk or velvet suits in a flattering cut, or try a feminine tuxedo style.
Casual wear Casual ladies' outfits should break the rules. Select light and casual fabric in fun colours or prints. Pair your casual suits, with slim fitting t-shirts for a feminine and trendy look.

Get the right fit

The right fit, material and colour can make even a plus-size suit slimming and flattering. Waistline Accent your body shape with the right waist-line. A defined waist-line will make you look taller and slimmer. However, don’t choose one that clinches the waist too much or you’ll be uncomfortable.
Jacket For a short torso or a round body, choose a longer jacket. It will conceal tummy bulge, and elongate the body. To make the legs appear longer and the waist slimmer, go for a cropped jacket. Pants
Pants should balance out the jacket. Flowing pants balance the bottom out nicely, especially on fuller-bottom women. Slim pants work to make the legs look longer and the body longer. Material Material should match the occasion and season. Tweed and worsted wool are good choices in the cooler months, while polyester and linen work in the warmer temperatures.
Colours A solid coloured suit will make the body look longer and slimmer, but you can draw attention to certain areas with patterns. Choose a patterned top or bottom to accent a favourite body part. Have fun with colours, suits don’t have to always be boring. However, remember to accessorise the right piece of jewellery, as this can transform a suit from office to evening in seconds.

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