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How to compliment blue eyeliner with other makeup

Cosmetic companies launch newer and savvier cosmetics for each season. Most colours are apt for regular daily wear, while some are only good for party wear. Before you buy cosmetics, make sure it suits the occasion and is a trendy colour for this season.

The right makeup

In lip wear, usually the light or pastel shades are evergreen for day wear during the summer, while the winter calls in warmer and darker shades that can be worn to match your outfit. For your eyes, pinks, yellows, and beige are apt for the day and bronze or metallic colours are great for the evening. While most colours are common, blue eye shadow or blue eyeliner is a very trendy colour in vogue these days. Blue eye shadow can be worn during the day or night, depending on the occasion and dress. Blue for your eyes Blue eye shadow is a very vibrant and refreshing shade that can be worn during the day and night, depending on its depth colour or hue. Light shades of blue can be worn during the day, while the darker shades of blue should be worn at night. Blue eyeliners can be worn along with the right
makeup that compliments your look. Metallic blues or other colours that come within the same family are turquoise blue or sea blue.

Makeup that goes with blue eye-liner

When using eyeliner make up, especially blue shades, ensure that you wear a corresponding eye shadow with it - such as light blue or silver. However, the blue eyeliner will make your eyes stand out, so it is best if you try not to wear heavy eye shadow with it. Instead, opt for dark kohl eyes if you want your eyes to appear darker and sassier. This look goes well with jeans too and can be worn during the day. Blue eyeliner goes well with peach or nude colours for the lip and rose or pink shades for your cheeks. Do not wear dark lip shades with your blue eyeliner as this will appear ghastly. Instead, stick to lip glosses. You can also wear blue or black mascara with the blue eyeliner. Shades of gray also go well with blue, and you can opt for gray kohl.

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