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How to create blog websites

Blogging is a huge part and contributor to the social media today. People from vast backgrounds across most age groups do so. Making a blog is very easy. Anyone, not just website creators, can start a blog. You can have your blog up and running in less than half an hour. This article shows you how to do this.

Hosting your blog

There are many free online services that provide hosting for your blog. Here are the most popular:
3. This tutorial will be focused on the famous blogging engine, Blogger, owned by Google. Blogger is one of the most popular blogging engines due to its simplicity and ease of use. To use Blogger You need to create a Gmail account. To do so, go to
Click on "Create Account" to create a new Gmail account. Provide all the information needed and that should create an account for you. Now go to You should be automatically logged in to your blogger account.
If you are prompted to log in, type in your Gmail email address and password to access the blogger dashboard. When the page loads, create on "Create a Blog". Naming your blog a. Choose a name that uniquely represents and gets across what your blog is about. On the page that loads, enter that name for the Blog Title. b. For the Blog Address (URL), type in the name you put in as the title, without spaces here. After typing in the URL, click on "Check Availability" to see if the URL you selected is available. If it is not available, go back to step a and try again. c. If your blog address is available, proceed to enter the word verification, then click on "Continue".

Choosing a template and writing your first blog post

The page that loads allows you to choose a template for your blog. Select the template you like most. You can always change the template for your blog in the future. There are thousands of blogger templates on the internet. When you have chosen your favorite blogger template, click on "Continue".
A page should load, telling you that your blog has been created. - Click on "Start Blogging" to create your first post. - On the page that appears, type in a title for your post, then add some content to the body. - When you're done composing (including but not limited to adding pictures, aligning stuff, giving labels, etc), click on "Publish Post" to make your content available online. - On the page that appears, click on "View Post" to see your newly created blog. That's it. Creating a blog is easy. Creating content is where the real work begins.

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