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How to diet

Eating a healthy and complete diet is the key in maintaining your weight while getting all the essential nutrients. Eating too many calories on daily basis will make you gain weight. To maintain your current weight, you must be in caloric balance, while to lose weight you must eat fewer calories than your metabolic rate is. Cut excess calories in your diet with few simple steps.

Add vegetables

Fresh vegetables are low-calorie foods, filled with essential antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Add fresh, steamed or grilled vegetables to your meals. This will make you feel full faster and can help you cut calories.

Eat small meals often

Eat small, low-calorie meals every three to four hours. When you eat often, you will feel full throughout the day which will help you avoid unhealthy food cravings.

Switch to whole grains

Avoid processed wheat such as bread, pasta and bagels. Switch to whole grain products whichi are high in fiber. According to the Colorado State University Extension ( fiber makes you feel full faster and helps you lose weight.

Switch to lean meats

Meats can contain high-amounts of fat, especially harmful saturated fat which increases your blood cholesterol. Switch to lean meats such as chicken breast, ground turkey and seafood.

Eat healthy fats

Healthy eating diets should include small amounts of healthy unsaturated fats. According to Mayo Clinic (, unsaturated fatty acids can help you lower your blood cholesterol and help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Use olive, sunflower or other vegetable oils and avoid butter and coconut oil.

Use low-fat dairy products

Dairy products are full of calcium which is an essential mineral for your bones, teeth and muscles. Dairy products can contain high amounts of calories as well as harmful saturated fats. Switch to low-fat dairy products to cut the amount of calories and fat in your diet.

Avoid high-sugar foods

Sugary foods contain high amounts of calories. Avoid foods such as juice, sugary cereals, soda, pastries, candy, dried fruits, high-sugar yogurts and canned fruit in heavy syrup. Use low-calorie sweeteners, light soda's and fresh fruits instead.

Half and half

Replace half of your servings with low-calorie ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. For example, replace half of your breakfast cereal with blueberries, half of your pasta serving with grilled mushrooms and sweet peppers, or half of your entire meal with a salad. In addition, when using high-calorie products, replace half with a healthier option, such as regular cheese with low-fat cheese, cream with milk, whole eggs with egg whites and juice with water.

Cut fat calories

Fat contains twice the calories in one gram than carbohydrates and protein.This means that preparing your foods with high amount of fat can double your calorie intake. Avoid deep fried foods and eat grilled or baked foods instead.

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