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How to edit a PDF file?

PDF files are often used to send important information over the web from one user to the other. PDF files are ideal for cases in which people need to sign contracts or agreements. This does not mean that you cannot edit a PDF file. Though they are completely different from your typical Microsoft Word document, anyone can edit a PDF file by following few quick and easy steps.

Use online editors

Online editors are websites that allow you to upload a copy of your PDF document to the site.
Once your document has been uploaded to the site they allow you to make the desired corrections.
Once these corrections have been made they will send you a copy of the updated PDF with all of the corrections. You can then download, save and view PDF. Drawback
The only problem with this method is that the site will still have a copy of your PDF. Therefore, if your PDF happens to contain sensitive information, this may not be the best method to use if your do not really trust online editors. Tips
If you are interested in this method, then you can use sites like PDFHammer and PDFescape to get this done.

Freeware PDF editor

Freeware programs are another type of PDF editor. If you use the free version of a freeware PDF editor, then you may find that there are some restrictions on the type of PDF files that the software will allow you to edit. If you will need to edit PDF files on a consistent basis, then freeware PDF edit software may not be the best choice.

PDF editing commercial software

Frequent editing Using commercial software to edit your PDF files is the better choice if you will need to edit these files frequently. Commercial software works similarly to word processing software. You also do not need to upload your PDF file to a third party. Confidentiality
By using this software you will be the only one who views your PDF file. In addition, you will be able to edit PDF files without the restrictions that can be found in freeware programs. A popular type of commercial software that you can use to get this done is Adobe Acrobat 9.

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