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How to fly a RC helicopter?

Learning how to fly RC flying toys can be a challenge and if you do not follow some simple rules, an expensive challenge! In this article, we will show you the basic principles of flying RC helicopters, cover the basic flight controls and show you how to further your knowledge through a variety of sources.


When you have bought and assembled your hobby helicopters model kit, you'll be eager to get started and start flying. However, it's best to temper your enthusiasm a little bit so you don't break your new model! It is worth getting some practice so you have several options. The best but most expensive option is to buy a RC heli simulator. This software allows you to plug in your own radio gear and use it as a controller in the game. It will give you a great feel of the hobby and will allow you to crash as many times as you like without having to pay the expensive repair bills! These pieces of software often have planes and helicopters including realistic simulations of some expensive models like RC airplanes & jets. If you're not prepared to pay money on a simulator, you'll need to learn your hobby in a controlled environment. Purchase or make a learning frame. This device sits on the bottom of your helicopter and prevents it from falling over and damaging the rotor. Try and learn to fly in an enclosed space such as a large garage or gym so thay you will be able to practice without the influence of wind.

Flight controls

Generally, most helicopters are operated from a four channel control system. On the left stick, you will find the throttle and rudder controls. By moving this stick forward, the rotor speed increases and the model gains height. Moving the stick left and right allows the model to turn on the spot in a yawing motion. Remember that this control allows you control the height of the model. When you are learning, practice simple manoeuvrings not more than 50cm off the ground. If you make a mistake, there is less chance of damaging the model or hurting yourself. The right stick is known as the cyclical control and is comparable to the W, A, S, D controls of a computer game. It allows you to move linearly backwards and forwards and left and right. Practice the two control sticks separately before combining them. Safety
Mini helicopters can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury. Always make sure that you switch the transmitter on before the model to avoid the effects of radio interference. Always operate away from living creatures.

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