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How to get effective results in a tanning booth

Using a sun tanning bed is a fun and fast way to get a beautiful tan. To help ensure you get the very best benefits from your tanning experiences, here are some great tips for you to follow.

First step: Time

Many people rush into tanning with the idea that the longer their tanning session is the better results they will have. This is not true. The trick is to not to burn. The first thing you need to do is pay attention to your skin type and use it to set the time limit for your tanning sessions. If you burn easily in the sun, then you will burn from a long tanning session as well. Even 10 minutes can leave you red and sore. It is best to start your tanning sessions around three-five minutes. You can increase the time by a minute every couple of days until you reach the maximum time you want to tan each session. If you find that you get red by adding that extra minute, then go back to the time you used in the previous session. This may be the maximum you will ever get to without burning.

Second step: Moisturiser

When using a tanning bed, it is very important to keep your skin moisturised. If your skin gets dry you will have more dead skin cells and these will wash off in the shower. This will result in you not achieving this deep, golden brown colour you are looking for.

Third step: Tanning lotion

Use a high quality indoor tanning lotion to help your body absorb the UV rays without drying out your skin. You can find such products online or offered at your tanning salon. Ask about package deals which offer you tanning sessions along with a great quality tanning accelerator and moisturiser.

Final step: Eye protection

While all tanning salons offer you the use of eye protection, they are not able to monitor who uses it. You need to make sure you always use quality eye protection before your tanning session. It does not matter if you are only in the tanning bed for a couple of minutes, eye damage can occur. If you plan to tan on a regular basis, you should invest in high quality eye protection which you can bring along with you.

Other Tips

To achieve a better overall tan, ex foliate the skin once a week. This will remove any dead skin cells and help you tan better.

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