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How to apply eye shadow effectively

Applying eye makeup is an important skill that must be mastered by every woman. Eyes should be enhanced by eyeshadow makeup and not appear overpowering when using too much eye-shadow. This article shows the proper technique to effectively apply eye-shadow.

How to put on eye shadow: tips

Stick to the proper colours
The first thing to do is to determine the colours that best enhance and suit our eyes. The main rule is to use colours that contrast with the natural colour of the eyes to make them stand out dramatically. Which colour is best for your eyes?
- For blue eyes: use browns or brown tones, grays and purple colour eye-shadow for a nice effect.
- For brown eyes: use gold tones, greens and purple eye-shadow make-up for a glamorous effect.
- For green eyes: use brown tones, grays, gold tones and purple eye-shadow for a nice effect. Making the proper colour choice
White tones and light gold tones are the highlighting standard most eye colours. Now that you know what works best, you may purchase the eye-shadow. Buy eye-shadow that comes in multiple colours for more choices. Technique to apply eye-shadow:
1. Imagine the eyes as a canvas and apply the lighter colours first. For blue eyes, it is best to apply white eye-shadow to highlight the eyes. Use firm strokes to brush the eye-shadow all the way up to the brow line. Apply the white shadow in the crevices where eye meets nose. This will cause the eyes to seem larger than they really are.
2. The second colour will be a brown tone. Brush over the eyelid and halfway up the brow line, stopping before you get to the top. The darker colour will create a shadow effect around the eyes.
3. The last colour is a dark chocolate brown . Brush only the topmost layer of the eyelid. The final layer will make the blue eyes 'pop' and seem bigger and 'sexier'.

Eye makeup techniques: Smoky eye shadow

Step 1:
Brush on a shimmery white eye-shadow on the base of the eyelid. Add a second layer to the inside of the upper lid and in the crevice where eye meets nose. Step 2: Apply a coating of silver gray eye-shadow to the upper lid starting from the center and brushing outwards to the outside corner of the eyelid. Step 3: Apply dark gray shadow to a slanted brush and rotate the brush in small circles on the contour of the eyelid. Apply black liner to upper and lower lids and finish with thick mascara for the full effect.

Tips and warnings

Quite simply, don't stick your eye out! Enjoy it and have fun with eyeshadow makeup.

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