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How to increase broadband speed?

The broadband speed is a high speed internet connection that allows you to connect to the internet at a fast pace. There is also a 3G wireless internet connection that is specifically made for mobiles phones. A variety of different factors may influence your broadband speed. This article presents you with a few simple steps to try and increase your broadband speed.

Disable Window's firewall

One way to increase your broadband speed is by disabling the windows firewall.
- Go to the "Start" menu and click on "All Programs", then select "Run."
- Enter the following into the dialog box "firewall.cpl" and click on "Enter" to let the program to begin to start-up.
- Now choose the option that says "Change settings.''
- Now go to the tab that says "General" and click on that.
- Choose the option that says "Off" then also press "Ok" so that your computer can save the changes.

Restart your computer

In order for these changes to take full effect, you will need to restart your computer.
- Go to the "Start" menu and go to where it says "Shut down".
- Select the "Restart" option from the drop-down menu. Tip
Wait for your computer to completely restart before you begin to use it again.

Enable ports

Another way to increase your broadband speed is to enable the ports in windows firewall. This will increase your broadband connection, speed up DSL connection and ultimately increase your overall internet speeds. - Go the "Start" menu then click on the "Control panel."
- Go to where it says "Windows Firewall" and double click on that option.
- Click on the tab that says "General" again and make sure that the box titled "Don't allow exceptions" is left unchecked.

Add port

- Go to the "Exceptions" tab and click on the button that says "Add port."
- Fill in the fields with the correct information.
- You will be asked for the name of the application.
- You will also be asked to choose the correct protocol. For the protocol field you will be able to choose between "TCP" and "UDP."
- Once you have finished filling in all of the fields select the "Ok" button. Once done with this process restart your computer using the same method shown in step two.

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