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How to send emails?

Electronic mail also known as email has come to be classified as one of the main forms of communication amongst people. People use it to send mass email, bulk email lists and more. Learning how to send emails is fairly simple to and can be done in a few easy steps.This tutorial guides you through these steps.

Set up an email account

Sign up for your own Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL account Choose an email provider like Yahoo or AOL that you feel comfortable using. The sign-up process will typically require you to insert your name, age and email address name into the appropriate fields. Identification procedures
You will also be required to come up with a user name and password that you can use to log in to your account.
When creating an account, choose a name that you can use to send business emails. Avoid picking email addresses that sound juvenile.

Sign into your email account

Once you have created an email account, you will most likely need to sign into it using your user name and password to verify and confirm your account.

Compose email

Once you are signed into your account, click on one of the left hand tabs: "Compose email." - This will allow you to begin creating your email. Insert the email address of person who is receiving the email into the "To" field. - Enter a title or description into the "Subject" field. Pick a description that relates to what the email is about. For instance if you are sending Christmas greetings, then the "Subject" would be "Christmas greetings". - Use the body of the email to type in whatever you want to inform the recipient about. The body represents your message or the contents of a message (for example: a business meeting).

Include attachments

If you want to send a document, you can send it as an attachment. - Click on a lower left hand tab which is labelled "Attachment".
- Then click on "Browse."
- Look for the name of the file that you want to attach (for example:business procedures).
- Double click on it and it will be added to your email document once you send it.

Send email

Once you are sure that you have added everything that you want to the email, then you can send it. - Click on "Send" and wait for a confirmation message to appear on your screen. -Go to your "Sent" messages folder to check that the email has been sent. Additional information
If the email address you send it to no longer exists then the email will be returned to you. If you want to send another email, then you can just repeat this process in order to do so successfully.

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