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How to install a shower rod

Installing shower rods is fairly easy and even if your carpentry skills are very limited, you can easily do this task on your own. To help you install shower curtain rods at home, here are some tips.

Choose the right shower rods

What to consider? There are different types of shower rods available in the market today. So, you need to determine which ones fit your bathroom best. When choosing shower rods, take into consideration the amount of space that you have, the durability of the material and your budget. Types of shower rod If your shower room is rather small and you want to maximise the use of space, you might want to invest in a curved shower rod or an oval shower rod. On the other hand, if you want your shower rods and shower rings to last long, you might want to invest in stainless steel shower rods and rings. Note that stainless steel is very durable. So, you will not need to change your shower rods for years. Tension and non-tension rods Shower rods come in two-types, namely, tension rods and non-tension rods. Tension rods do not require any permanent mounting and are very easy to install. However, they may not be as stable or strong as the non-tension type. If you do not want to install brackets or mounts on your wall, you should for this type of rod. However, if you want something which is very stable and you do not mind making modifications on your bathroom walls, you should opt for
non-tension shower rods.

Installing your shower rod

- To install a tension shower rod, you need to twist the rod clockwise to elongate it.
- Put one end of the rod on the right side of the shower wall and the other end on the left, then slowly twist the rod clockwise to apply tension.
- Make sure that the rod fits very snugly into the walls and can support the weight of your shower curtain.
- If you opt for a non-tension shower rod, you will need some strong self adhesive brackets.
- To mount the brackets, determine the desired height for your shower curtains then mark the areas where you will install the brackets.
- Remove the plastic covering the adhesive located at the back of the bracket then push the bracket firmly into the marked area on right wall of the shower room.
- Make sure that the full expanse of the adhesive comes in contact with the tiles.
- Repeat the same procedure to install the bracket on the left wall.
- Let the adhesive dry completely before you insert the shower rod into the brackets.

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