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How to maintain a weight loss journal

If you decide that you wish to keep a diet log or food log, you may find that you lose weight faster. A fitness diary that keeps a record of your daily diet achievements can work wonders. You can choose to keep a diet diary online or offline.

What benefits are there to keeping a weight loss journal?

Tracking your progress
As a weight loss journal will record your progress, you may find that it is easier to stick to the diet plan that you set out. Whether you are aiming for a small weight loss target or whether you want to calculate calories as a way of reaching a big weight loss goal, tracking your progress can push you ahead. Finding support
If you choose to have your diet journal online, you will be able to find some support with your goals from those that are in the same position as you. Having a virtual diet buddy can do you the world of good in terms of pushing ahead with progress. It is also very inspiring for others that look back on your food journal to see how you got on.

Where can I keep a weight loss journal?

Keeping a weight loss journal offline
If you don't wish to share your weight loss journey with the world, then you can always keep your weight loss journal offline. You can choose to just make little scribbles about loss when you want to, or you can write about your emotions to help you through the process. Many diets encourage doing this. Keeping a weight loss journal online
Many people now like to give their weight loss journals a more public platform so that they can gain support. Online food logs and online diet logs can be used, or you can use a more flexible platform such as Blogger, WordPress or Livejournal to share your weight loss story with the world.

What should I write in my weight loss journal?

The best way to keep a weight loss journal is to write about goals and successes. So, you could document the number of pounds, inches and dress sizes that you wish to lose and then mark each time you reach a goal or make significant progress. Documenting your weight loss emotions
You may also wish to document how weight loss is making you feel. Write about what you struggle with, what makes you happy and how you manage to power through.

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