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How to make a bouquet of flowers?

Making your own flower arrangement might seem like a hard task, but it is actually really easy. This article shows you how to make a bouquet out of flowers, using a step by step instruction guide.

Look at the occasion

When preparing a bouquet of flowers, it is very important to look at the occasion. Bridal bouquet
If it is a wedding bouquet you are making, check what colour the bride's dress will be. You should choose flowers that complement this colour. Moreover, if you have an elaborate dress, you don't want the flowers also to be big and showy. If the dress is simple, the flowers can stand out a little more. Interior decoration
If the bouquet is meant to decorate a room, look at the whole colour scheme. Choose the same kind of flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets so that the flower arrangement matches that of the bride.

Preparing the bouquet

- If you want flowers to last longer, there is a preservative solution you can get at the flower store to soak them in. This will keep them looking fresh longer.
- Next, cut the stems of the flowers so that they are all of the same length.
- Then, put them together one by one.
- Once you are happy with the mixture of flower and greens, wrap a wire tightly at the top to keep the bunch together.
- Then, use flower tape to wrap around the stems, so no green is visible. Tips
If the flowers are meant for decorations, use a wire on each flower to give it some extra stability and make it easier to work with them. This also prevents flowers from drooping half way through the evening.

Finishing touches

The finishing touches make the bouquet into something special. Ribbons
If it is a bridal bouquet or wedding arrangement, choose a ribbon that comes back in the general colour scheme. The ribbon should cover the stems and you can wrap a bow around the bunch as well.
When it comes to decorations, big bows are in order. Make sure all your bows have the same colour and size. If you don't pay attention to this, the result can look a little messy. But if done well with care & flair, you will have non-expensive wedding flower arrangements and decorative bouquets that look fantastic.

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