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How to make a shipping container home

Shipping containers were invented by Malcolm Mclean in 1954. The reason for his invention was to make it far more streamlined to transport cargo whether by truck or ship. Due to McLean's invention, shippers could easily transfer cargo in its container from a ship and onto a truck - or visa versa - quickly and easily. It was not until 2006 that McLean's invention became useful in yet another application: home construction. Making container housing is an economical way to create a green home for yourself and your family.

Explore zoning laws

The first step is an important one: learn what the zoning laws are in your community. This information is available at the town office or city hall in your community. There, you can learn information regarding limits on the size of the buildings allowed as well as the type of construction. You want to make sure that you will be allowed to build a steel container home well before construction begins.

Buy the shipping container

Buying a shipping container can be done in more than one manner. You will be able to buy used containers from shipping container companies as well as through online companies. You can also buy new containers as well. One thing to make certain when buying a used container is making certain the container was not used in the shipment of cargo which was hazardous. Have the container inspected before buying it by someone who is qualified. Insulated containers might be a good option as these containers have a level of insulation which can help in creating a container home. When you buy a container, use the dimension to create a floor plan for your new home. Creating a plan before the container arrives will help the process to converting it into a home will go more quickly. Submit the plan to your town office or city hall for a building permit.

Create the container home

Make sure that the site is ready to receive the container. This may require building a foundation, pouring a concrete slab, or some other measure to ensure that the container will be completely level when installed. When you have the container, you can begin converting it. This can be done with a prefabricated container house kit, or by hiring a contractor to do the work for you. If you are skilled, you can do the work yourself. Before construction can begin, make sure you thoroughly clean the container inside and out and repair any rusty areas. If you prefer to go with plans created by an architect, it can make the process go more quickly.

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