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How to make drawer dividers?

Drawer dividers are used to separate a drawer into sections, allowing you to organise the contents. You can purchase drawer organizers from a supply store, it is much less expensive to make it yourself. They are easy to make, by using lattice wood and a saw. You do not need any screws, glue, or any extra material. You can make a drawer divider in a few short steps. This article will show those few steps.

Remove contents from drawer

Remove all contents from the drawer and pull it out as far as it will go. Use a tape measure to measure the width and length of the inside of the drawer.

Make lattice strips

Use a pencil to mark one of the lattice strips with the first length measurements. Use a hand saw to cut the lattice strip at the pencil mark you made. Mark a second lattice strip with the same length measurement, and then, cut it with the saw.
You should now have two strips to divide the drawer vertically. Mark two lattice strips with the width measurement, and then, cut them by using the hand saw.
You should now have two strips to divide the drawer horizontally.

Arrange lattice strips

Arrange the lattice strips as you would like for them to be in the drawer. Lay two vertical lattices down, and then, set horizontal lattices on top of them. Use a pencil and mark the four spots where the lattices intersect. Measure the depth of the lattice strips, and then, divide the measurement in half. The thickness of the lattice strips At intersecting markings, use the pencil to draw a line halfway down the depth of the lattice. Measure the thickness of the lattice strips with a measuring tape. Mark the thickness perpendicular to the depth marking that you made at each intersection point. You should now have marked off a notch or groove.

Use the hand saw

Cut out the notches, by using a hand saw. There should be two on each strip.
You can also use a screw driver to help you, if you cannot get the hand saw to the end of the notches. Lower the notches on the horizontal lattice strips into the notches to interlock them, and then ,place the divider in the drawer. You should now have a great desk drawer organizer, or kitchen drawer dividers.

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