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How to make free conference calls

You can make free conference calls by using different online call services. Teleconferences can save money and time because instead of arranging for travel-based meetings, you only need to arrange for everyone to be using the same web teleconferencing services.

Free conference call services

Skype is a popular way to have free teleconferencing. The Skype web conference calling can be audio or video. The conferencing service is free as long as everyone is using Skype and not a land phone or a mobile phone.
Group video calling Skype does offer conference call rates for people who need to connect with a non-VoIP phone. Skype calls their conference service Group video calling, and they have a video which gives an overview on how Skype group calling works. If you do not want a video conference, users can turn off the video setting and just use audio. Google voice Free conferencing is just a few clicks away for people who have Google voice. You can schedule a phone conference for up to four people, providing that everyone uses Google Voice as a call conferencing service. Google has a video tutorial explaining how to use Google Voice for audio conferencing.

Arranging a conference call

Same software programs Business conference calls and other audio teleconferencing require some conference call set up planning. Participants need to have the same software programs installed on their computers.
Scheduled time People need to have a time scheduled, obviously.
Share user names However, they will also need to share user names with the main phone conferencing coordinator so that they can be added to the telephone conferencing.
The call participants will also have to practice with their computers. Sometimes people attribute problems to the software that are really hardware problems. Testing computer settings Before the conference, instruct participants to test their computer settings and make sure that the microphone and the speakers or headphones work.
Setting up a microphone If people do not have adequate hardware, they will need to use an external microphone. It can take about 15 minutes to follow the computer tutorial to set up a microphone. However, troubleshooting can take longer.
Test time window
It would be wise to have a test time window for the conferencing coordinator to be available for any participant who wants to practice the conference call software connections and the hardware audio performance.

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