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How to make homemade chocolate?

Chocolate is the most popular sweet all over the world. It is a high calorie content product,and has to be eaten in moderation. On the other side, it is very healthy, in particular, for curing blood pressure.Chocolate is also famous as an anticancer food and a brain stimulator.

How is chocolate made

It is quite easy to make chocolate at home. It can be in different forms (chocolate bars, candies or others) which depend on your own imagination. Ingredients:
5 tablespoons milk;
1, 5 ounces dairy butter;
6-8 tablespoons sugar;
5 tablespoons cacao;
1 teaspoon flour. Directions 1. Take a small saucepan, pour in it milk, cacao, sugar. Mix all the ingredients and set on low heat.
2. Bring to a boil and then add dairy butter.
3. Continuously and slowly stirring the mixture, gradually add flour and bring to the boil again.
4. Once the flour is completely and evenly stirred, remove the saucepan from the heat.
5. Pour out the mixture from the saucepan to any mould that can be put in a freezer. Tips If you want, you can dip fruits in this mixture. For example, you can make a chocolate covered apple, strawberry, banana or something else. You can also use your homemade chocolates for other chocolate sweets.

Sweet recipes

How to make chocolate cookies Ingredients 400 grams of chocolate;
200 grams of small marshmallows;
150 g hazelnuts;
75 grams candied cherries;
75 gr coconut chips. Directions
1. Melt chocolate and pour into a large bowl.
2. Add marshmallows, nuts, candied cherries and coconut chips.
3. Mix together and put into a greased and parchment-padded form.
4. Put in refrigerator.
5. After hardening cut into squares and serve. How to make truffles Ingredients 185 ml cream;
400 g chocolate;
60 grams dairy butter;
cocoa powder or chocolate flakes. Directions 1. Melt cream and chocolate.
2. Add dairy butter and mix together.
3. Chill until the mixture hardens, then roll the mixture into balls using a spoon. You can choose to roll the balls in cocoa powder or chocolate flakes. Tips To make a dark chocolate truffle you have to use dark chocolate. To make rum truffles, add 2 tablespoons rum. Bon appétit!

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