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How to make some money quick

There's always that time when you need some quick cash to pay for a surprise bill, or to tide you over until your salary comes in. While there are no legal ways of just becoming rich in a few days, there're many ways to make money quick, especially online.

Selling things

Organize a garage sale
You can get money fast by selling things you no longer need on a garage sale. Somebody's trash is another person's treasure, and maybe some has a use for all those old clothes you no longer can use or that second TV set that sits on the guest room. You can even get some cash for your car if you really need a large amount of cash quick, but that's probably going to take longer than a few days. Sell things on online marketplaces
Many people make a living selling stuff on online marketplaces, such as EBay or Etsy. You can start your online entrepreneur career by selling hand made jewellery or accessories. It's an easy online business that can help you create an additional flow of income long term.

Performing services

Writing for money
If you have a good domain of one or several languages you can check online job boards such as Guru or Elance for people in need of content for their website or newsletters. There are also other websites such as Demand Studios or Wikio Experts that will pay you for each article submitted to their specifications.
Other online jobs
While there are many work at home scans, there are also many real ways to make money on the Internet and get some quick cash, or it may give you ideas for a home business. Register at remote freelancing job boards and search for job requests that match your skills and experience. You will find all kinds of jobs there, from those that are meant to last several months to others that can be done in one afternoon and paid shortly after.
Helping your neighbours
If you really need instant cash now you may want to look into performing jobs for your neighbors. Many people would be willing to pay somebody for quick things, such as fixing their garden or doing some do it yourself work, and they may be willing to trust a neighbour to do that.

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