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How to make your own grain mills

Whether you want grind grain to make bread or barley to make beer, a home-made grain grinder is a useful gadget. This article will take you through making your own grain mill, which can save you money.

Ensure your safety

When making a flour grinder, you will have to cut metal. To do this safely, you will need googles and safety gloves. Make sure you have all the appropriate safety equipment before continuing to build your mill.

Preparing your pipes

Once you have got all your safety equipment assembled, it is time to begin work on your corn mill. - First, take a steel pipe and cut it into three sections, each around 30 inches in length.
- File the ends of the pipes down until they are smooth, and wrap each pipe in slip resistant tape.
- You should ensure that each pipe is covered entirely.
- Finally, tape the pipe sections together with duct tape.

Cutting the can

Next, take a large can, one which is at least four inches in diameter. Carefully cut the top off, and file the edges untill smooth. You may also want to cover the edges in tape for added security. A large juice can or a coffee can are ideal options.

Using your mill

Now, everything you need for a manual malt mill is complete, you will want to grind some cereals. - Whether you are using wheat, barley or any other type of grain, pour this into the coffee tin. Do not fill it more than one inch deep however, or grinding the grain will be too difficult.
- Next, put the can on a hard, flat surface, next to a small chair.
- Hold the can steady with your feet while sitting on the chair and use swift, firm strikes to pound the grain with the pipe.
- Continue to do this until the grain is the desired consistency. Indeed, you may want to pour the ground grain through a sieve, to remove any pieces which are too big.

Keeping your mill maintained

It is very important that you clean your mill thoroughly after every use, especially if you are going to grind many different types of grain using it.
If you do this, and follow other safety instructions, your manual grain mill should let you prepare grain for many years.

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