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How to put on make up

Women who are not experienced with putting on make-up may not know where to start. Thankfully learning how to put on make up is not that difficult. After some practice any woman can apply a flawless make-up look to their face. All it takes is a little know how and some patience.

Getting started

Have the right tools A lot of women simply apply make-up with the brushes and tools that come with the make-up product they purchase. These tools are often too small and fiddly to use effectively. In order to apply make-up properly, women should have a make-up brush set, some cosmetic tools such as a tweezer and eyelash curlers as well as wipes and cotton buds to clean up after themselves. Work downwards The best way to apply make-up is to work downwards from the face. This means attacking the brows and eyes first. The blush next and the lips last. This will stop the eye shadow from falling into lip gloss and staying there.

How to apply make-up

The base A thick layer of foundation should be applied to even out the skin tone. Concealer should be applied to any spots or under eye circles. Those with warm skin may need to apply an orange color correcter before applying concealer. The face should then be dusted with powder. Brows The brows should be shaped and stray hairs should be plucked with a tweezer. A brow pencil can be lightly applied to the eyebrows. Eyes Generally two shades of shadow are used for the eye. The lighter shade can go all the way up to the brow while the darker shade can cover the eyelid. Place some face powder under the eyes to catch falling shadow. This can be brushed away later. Eyeliner should now be applied. Pencil eyeliner is best for those with little experience in make-up application. The eyelashes should now be curled and enhanced with mascara. A mascara brush can now be used to separate the lashes. Blush Blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks. Liquid blush is preferable as it looks more natural. Lips Lip pencil should be used to color in the lips. After that lipstick can be applied. A dab of gloss can be added to the middle of the bottom lip to make the lips appear more plump. Apply bronzer Lastly a bronzer should be brushed over the face, neck and shoulders. This will stop people from appearing very pale in photos. Those who do not use bronzer will find that their skin color will be washed out in photos.

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