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How to get a bright smile with teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has been gaining acceptance with the success of products such as Crest White strips that offer an easy, painless way to a brighter smile and provides dramatic results that really see teeth becoming white in just a few days. This article provides you with teeth whitening tips so that you too can get a bright smile.

Tooth whitening: Crest White strips

Tooth whitening product Crest White strips are the best selling teeth whitening product that are most recommended by dental professionals in the United States.
The benefits of using Crest White strips are:
1. Crest white strips is 100% enamel safe
2. Lasts up to three years
3. Fast acting with no messy trays
4. Whitens up to 11 shades whiter than the original colour.
How it works Crest white strips are thin, clear plastic strips that are infused with the exact 100% enamel safe dental whitening gel used by professionals. The new 3D shape moulds to the teeth and whitens upon contact. There is no mess and you can eat, drink and talk normally with the strips on.
Cost, delivery and duration For £56.99, you get a 21 days' supply of Crest white strips Supreme that guarantees results in three days and lasts for three years. Starting 18.05.2011, guarantees the quoted price as the lowest in the UK , as well as 48 hours delivery time.

Laser whitening: Dentech LED laser light

Laser whitening The Dentech laser light can be used with any tooth whitening gel and actually speeds up the tooth whitening process. This LED laser light can be purchased online at for £5.99 and has been proven effective as a dental laser. How it works The two most basic ingredients in any tooth whitening gel are Hydrogen and Carbamide peroxide, both of which are light sensitive. Light speeds up the rate at which they break down to oxygen and water, so applying the whitening gel to the teeth combined with the Dentech laser actually speeds up the whitening process. White teeth in a shorter time can be yours with this little tool.
Cost and delivery The laser comes with batteries and can be ordered from and delivered in 48 hours. Prices quoted are as at 18.05.2011 and reflect items in stock and available for purchase.

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