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How to select foods to eat to lose weight

Anyone can go on a diet, but not everyone can stick to a healthy diet. Choosing the right foods to lose weight is the key to any diet. Choose organic and low glycemic foods (low sugar). Eating two pounds of papayas will make you fat. Eating two pounds of salad will fill you up to help you to lose weight sensibly.

Healthy diets

What are healthy diets? Healthy diets are those which will help you to change your eating habits for life, not just for a few weeks or months. Weight loss can only be achieved on a long term basis when the weight comes off slow and steadily. Weight loss diets aim at two pounds a week. These diets that claim to help you lose 10 pounds a week are merely fad diets. These diets in the long run will place your body into starvation mode and you will gain more weight back than you lost.

Weight loss foods

Glycemic food Weight loss foods are low glycemic foods which are rated less than 55. These foods will help you trim your waistline and drop the pounds. Bob Greene, health guru for Oprah says that to hide your scale for the first month, you must cut the fat and increase the fiber.
Salads and greenery Choose foods for salads and greens. Make sure you have one huge salad a day and go easy on the dressing. One cup of olive oil contains 2000 calories. A healthy diet for women would contain less than 1500 calories for the entire day. Protein foods Foods for weight loss would include low protein foods, such as turkey, chicken breast and fish. Other protein foods include beans, Brazil nuts and avocados. Go easy on the avocados, as they are healthy fats also.

Weight loss tips

Weight loss tips include knowing how to shop and how to exercise. Never shop on an empty stomach and make a shopping list of all the diet foods you need for a few days. Never put more food in your home than you plan to eat. Excess food will cause you to binge eat. Eating too many bananas can throw you off your diet. Exercise daily (walking, jogging or using a mini-trampoline). Try to exercise in
20 to 30-minute intervals and then increase slowly.

Weight loss meals

Some examples of weight loss meals would be: Breakfast: A green smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal with honey
Lunch: Salad topped with beans or a bowl of soup
Supper: Steamed veggies or baked fish topped with a red salad You can have fruit for a snack or some air popped popcorn, berries, veggies or a few gram crackers. Eating healthily begins with smart food choices.

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