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How to sell used books online

There are a number of ways to sell used books online. This article takes a look at the various outlets for selling your second-hand books.

Major online book outlets

Amazon One of the best sites to sell books online is The website is the go-to place to find the cheapest books, so you can guarantee plenty of visitors to the site. Amazon used books do not always fetch huge amounts of money, but selling on the 'Marketplace' is a good way to make a few extra pennies, whilst having a clear-out. The good thing is that Amazon doesn't take the listing fee from your bank account unless your item sells. Collector's items If you're looking to sell rare books, or old books, then is the place to go. This gem is well-known amongst bibliophiles, so you'll be able to attract the collectors' market. Professional booksellers are most prevalent on the site, but if you want to sell just a few items, then will buy your used books from you.

Academic books and social media

Academic books It is difficult to get much cash for books, especially for novels, poetry books and children's books, as customers expect to pay very little. Selling textbooks and used academic books can make you more money than ordinary second hand books. Selling your old college textbooks One of the best ways to make decent amounts of money is to sell textbooks. Your old college textbooks will be useful to people following the same course as you. College books can be very expensive, with some science books costing over £100 new. So, if you are wanting to sell your books, the student market can be very lucrative. It is in the academic book market that really comes into its own. The website will buy back textbooks, ensuring that you get a good deal. Social networking sites and book selling Social networking sites such as Facebook can be good places to sell stuff.This tool can be especially useful for getting rid of your old school and college books. If you offer your used textbooks and other secondhand books for sale on Facebook's Marketplace, the news will be published to friends of friends via the Marketplace digest. This can help to alert potential customers who might be looking to buy books on the cheap.
Author's advice Don't just throw your old books away. You can make money selling your old books and textbooks online. If you don't think your books are worth much or don't fancy the hassle of selling them, why not take them to a used book sale, or a charity book shop and help a good cause?

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