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How to speed up my computer

Here are a few simple steps to improve the speed of your PC.

Protect your computer and remove spyware

The best way to keep your computer up to speed is to not let it get infected with spyware, malware or viruses. However, if you have spyware already on your system you need to get rid of it - it's using valuable resources! Among others, here are some free applications to help keep your computer secure: Spybot Search and Destroy - for spyware Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free - for malware Avast Free Antivirus - for antivirus

Defragment your hard disk

Files become fragmented over time on your hard disk which affects performance. Defragmenting your hard disk at least once a month will help increase the speed.

Run a scan to check your disk for errors

Check your hard disk for errors. Errors can slow down disk performance dramatically. On Mac OS X, use Disk Utility to perform this. On Windows, run the Error Checking utility.

Increase your internal memory

You can never have enough computer memory! The best tip for computer RAM is to buy as much of it as you can afford and if you can afford it, have as much installed into your computer as it can take.

Keep your operating system up to date

Keeping your OS up to date ensures that you have all of the latest bug fixes and improvements from the developers of your OS. The best way of doing this in Windows is to turn on Windows Update. In Mac OS X, choose the Apple menu and select Software Update.

Change what applications open at startup

Many applications have options to load at startup. This can drastically slow your computer down by stealing system resources as they prepare themselves for use. Ask yourself some questions, for example: • Do you really need Skype to load at startup? • Do you really need MSN to load at startup? • Do you really need Steam to load at startup? The software that you have loading at startup - do you actually use it each and every time you switch your computer on? If not, adjust its settings so that it doesn't.

Clean your desktop

Drive space
On some operating systems, the more files you have on your desktop, the more memory is being used by your system. Clean up your desktop - place icons that you are used to using from the desktop into one folder and access them from there.

Remove unused applications

Computer cleanup
Do you have software installed that you really never use? Removing it can help increase speed by breaking connections between itself and the OS.

Is your actual hardware adequate?

Is your hardware adequate for the software that you use? Using software that demands more than your system can provide will slow things down immensely.

Perform a full system reinstall

Reinstalling your OS from scratch, whilst drastic, will be like having a new PC. Back-up first!

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