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How to stop eating sugar

Are you addicted to sugar? If you can’t stop eating sugar, then your body may be biochemically sensitive to sugar, which makes it almost impossible to control your sugar intake. If you want to find out how to stop sugar cravings, then keep on reading.

Is sugar really addictive?

According to a study at Princeton University, sugar is addictive and it can be compared to a drug. To consider a substance as a drug, it must cause the following symptoms: - An urge to increase the intake of the substance,
- Withdrawal symptoms when you stop using the substance, and
- An irresistible desire to relapse and take the substance again. Sugar does have these effects on some people and it seems to affect the dopamine levels in the brain.

Causes of sugar addiction

If you find chocolate irresistible and are unable to stop eating sweets, then you may be a sugar junkie. According to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, the writer of
“Beat Sugar Addiction Now", there are four types of sugar addicts: - People with chronic fatigue,
- Individuals who are under a lot of stress,
- People who suffer from yeast overgrowth, and
- People who experience hormonal problems.

Tips to stop eating sugar

Keep products with sugar out of the house It would be impossible to stop eating chocolate or other sweets if your fridge is full of them. Replace simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates Simple carbohydrates are processed by your body like sugar, which means that they have similar effects to sugar. Try to eat complex carbohydrates and switch to whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, whole grain rice and more. Avoid triggers Certain things may trigger sugar cravings. For example insomnia, depression, boredom and stress may increase the need to have sugar. Replace sweets with fruits Fruits may contain sugar, but this type of sugar is digested differently than the one found in sweets, because the fibre in fruit slows down the absorption and doesn't give you a sugar rush. Combine sweets with other foods If you really have to eat a cookie, then combine it with a glass of milk. This will reduce the glycemic index and help you to control cravings. Eat frequent meals Eating every few hours can help to keep your blood sugar stable and reduce sugar cravings.

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