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Pros and cons of online weight loss programs

Weight loss diets are everywhere on the Internet, mainly through advertising on sites. However, what are the real pros and cons of weight loss programs? How is it safe? What really works and what is just a waste of money?

Dieting fads

Ways of dieting
Millions of people globally are on a diet, have been on a diet or are thinking of going on a diet. There are a few effective ways of dieting but, there are also hundreds of ineffective ways of dieting. Many people buy into dieting fads for example: online dieting and online diet programs, home fitness programs, home diets and even dieting pills. Ineffective options of dieting Some of these can be healthy options if done correctly with proper guidance and advice but, more often than not they are not effective. If they are not effective, it can be due to many different factors such as not enough guidance, unrealistic weight loss options and even confusing methods.

Positive points

Benefits The web is a great way to anonymously access many dieting information and many different advices. Healthy dieting plans
Some very good advices include those of Netdoctor and Weight Watchers and TOPS (Take of Pounds Sensibly). These aid healthy diet plans in which you are encouraged to only lose 2 lbs each week for long term weight loss. These steer you away from 'crash dieting' and losing too much weight too quickly thus, damaging to your health. They also help you to 'keep the weight off' through lifestyle changes (food habits and exercise).

Negative points

Drawbacks On the contrary, too much information can be confusing, you don’t always get proper advice. There are many websites which are untrustworthy and the options that are presented can often be a waste of money.
Diet pills One of the biggest ‘diett sellers’ on the Internet are diet pills, often unsafe and some illegal. Pills, such as Proactol, Capsiplex and DeCarb could set you back hundreds of pounds without the guarantee that they will really work. Expensive pills
Putting this into perspective, if you bought Proactol from age 25-45, at £589 every 6 months, you will have spent £23,560. It is indeed the same amount as: a deposit on a four-bedroom house, two cars, multiple holidays, and here is the big one – an average of 65 years of gym membership.

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